Coop Agri-Énergie Warwick is the very first agricultural cooperative to be established in Quebec which brings together a developer (Coop Carbone) and 12 agricultural members dedicated to the production of RNG and to the reduction of GHG emissions.

Pyro Green-Gas was chosen as the technology provider on this project designing, supplying and commissioning the complete biogas purification and upgrading system from the anaerobic digester’s raw biogas output to the final compression stage and injection of the qualified biomethane into the gas distribution grid.

The biogas purification system includes compression, dehydration, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal (two tower Lead/Lag activated carbon), VOC removal, carbon dioxide (CO2) separation (using hollow fiber membranes) and a regenerative thermal oxidizer for the incineration of vent gas and odor control.

Despite the pandemic, Pyro Green-Gas was able to deliver and commission the plant in 2021 and support the client through all of the challenges that a new developer’s first plant can bring. Subsequent to the commissioning our attention focused on the continued training and support of the operating staff/personnel by providing real-time online plant monitoring.The facility allows the cooperative members to reduce their carbon footprint by an amount equivalent to removing 1,600 cars from the road.

Project Data

Location: Warwick, Quebec, Canada

Start of Operation: Q2 – 2021
Biogas Feedstock: Agricultural waste and organic residual materials
Application: Pipeline injection
About the Facility
Plant capacity: 525 Sm3/h (300 SCFM)
Above 97% methane recovery with purity up to 99.8%
Integrated odor control system
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